Infant Adoption Classes Complete!

Last week we had our infant adoption classes at CH/LSS (our agency) and completed them!

These classes familiarized us with the legal adoption process in Minnesota, the importance of openness in adoption, and strategies available to engage in our adoption outreach efforts. We also had the opportunity to listen to a panel of adoptive and birth parents share their adoption experiences. Topics covered included: program process and options, an overview of the steps and time frames involved in completing a legal adoption, considerations for adoptive parenting, understanding the birth parent experience, cross-cultural and transracial parenting, supporting openness in adoption, and utilizing your personal network, social media, and other avenues available to you to engage in adoption outreach.

We learned a lot about open adoption and are excited to continue our journey to become dads! Our next step is to complete our home study. This typically takes 3-6 weeks depending on how mush time we can commit to each meeting. Once that is complete we will be approved to adopt!! After that we hope we’ll be matched with a birth family soon! Could it be you?

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