Hello! I am Chris, thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

I grew up in Elk River, MN with my 3 siblings (Cassie, Taylor, and John) and attended Handke Magnet School and Salk Middle School. Most of my family and extended family live in Minnesota and Iowa. Before high school my family moved to Fort Mill, SC. I graduated from Nation Ford High School and then attended College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. I graduated from CofC in May of 2013 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. A year after graduating I returned to school to become a software engineer. This has allowed us to live all over the country. I now work for Target HQ as a Senior software engineer.

Some of my favorite activities are traveling (Matt and I honeymooned in Ireland), playing flag football with MNGFFL, going on hikes/walks with Matt and Cooper (our adorable dog), cheering on the Minnesota Vikings, trying new restaurants, spending time at the lake in the summer, and spending time with friends and family. Since we live very close to some amazing parks in Minneapolis, it’s very convenient and easy for us to enjoy a lot of these activities all from within our neighborhood.

Another important aspect of my life is my faith. I love being a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Being a part of a large community like Westminster is very important to me because it helps connect me with the local community and serve others. I also think it is very important to be a part of a faith community where you are encouraged to ask questions throughout your faith journey. Everyones faith journey is different and that should be embraced and celebrated.

I am so excited for the future and the adventure that awaits and can’t wait for our family to grow. Matt and I have talked about having children since the day we met. If you or someone you know is considering making an adoption plan and think we would be a good fit please reach out to us at

Chris (according to Matt)

I knew that Chris and I had a special connection from the moment that we met. He has always treated everybody around him with respect, dignity, and love. One of the many things I love about Chris is that he is deeply loyal: to his family, his friends, his football league, the church, and our relationship. He rarely speaks ill of others and is quick to point out when something is unfair or unjust. He works hard and is passionate about what he does (often getting caught up for hours in a web project, including making this website). He is a great snow shoveler and our driveway is the cleanest on the block!

I knew that Chris and I would be together forever when he expressed that he, too, wanted to adopt a child. I think that he will thrive as a parent. He is patient, kind, and understanding. He takes charge when needed and allows others to explore and grow when necessary. He is never quick to make judgements of others but allows them the space to prove who they are. He always makes time to be with family, whether that’s driving down to Iowa to see his grandmother or inviting the entire family over for Christmas brunch – he always prioritizes family. Chris loves deeply. He lives with integrity and sincerity. There isn’t a person that doesn’t love Chris. He is going to make a fantastic father.

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